70th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

The 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards are nigh. Yes, Hollywood’s second biggest dog and pony show is coming to your living room at 8:00 PM eastern standard time and, starting now, The Gloss will be your one stop shop for the much-scrutinized Golden
Globe Awards red carpet. We’ll be updating this post with all the pretty, pretty dresses (and hopefully lots of ugly ones to keep it interesting) over the next couple hours.

[UPDATE: Here are our picks for ten best dressed and ten worst dressed. Come join the fun by voting for your top and bottom three]

As these things tend to happen, the people who cover the red carpet show up first. Sorry this is boring. Al Roker tried to make it marginally less boring with… plaid?

Al Roker Golden Globes red carpet

Well, that was really weird.

Maria Menounos Golden Globe Awards red carpet golden globes dresses

Maria Menounos opts for the sparkly neutral thing she always does. How many more of these dresses will be see tonight, do you reckon? One dozen? Two dozen?

Nancy O'Dell golden globe awardsNancy O’Dell does her best Nancy O’Dell, per usual.

Julianne Hough golden globes dresses

Julianne Hough in a “frothy confection” as we’re supposed to call it. Standard red carpet fare with a regrettable pompadour. Edgy?

Nicole Richie golden globe awards red carpet dresses

We’re going to say Nicole Richie has the first interesting look of the night. Granted, we wouldn’t say it’s a successful use of interesting, but we appreciate that she didn’t wear the same sparkly Marchesa thing that everyone else will wear. Also. Blue eye shadow? And a fringed clutch.

Giuliana Rancic golden globes red carpet

Giuliana Rancic wore a high-necked gown with lots of neck embellishment, which we know to be “on trend” this year. It strikes us as too costume-y.

Kelly Osbourne golden globes dresses

Kelly Osbourne donned a strapless beige mermaid number. Feel like we’ll be seeing a lot of sideswept hair this evening.

Michelle Dockery golden globe awards

Downton Abbey‘s Michelle Dockery wore a peculiar cream gown with a golden neck. Again, expect lots of interesting stuff going on around the necks of famous people this evening.

Debra Messing golden globe awards

Debra Messing added some sparkle to her Donna Karan with layers and layers of bangles.

Claire Danes golden globes dresses

Claire Danes in that very of-the-moment bright orange-red.

Isla Fisher golden globes dresses

Isla Fisher needs to high five her makeup artist because everything from the shoulders up is stunning. The dress is sparkly and neutral, naturally.

Amy Adams golden globes dressesAmy Adams in frothy, neutral, strapless Marchesa, but quite pretty nonetheless.

Lena Dunham golden globe awards dresses

Lena Dunham in eggplant Zac Posen, which seems to be wearing her.

Megan Fox red carpet golden globes 2013

Megan Fox carrying the night’s pale pink strapless torch.

Carla Gugino golden globes red carpet

Carla Gugino‘s patwork metallic halter is… really weird?

Hayden Panettiere red carpet Golden Globes 2013

Hayden Panettiere. Since everyone is dressed the same, let’s just hashtag this shit: #neutral #strapless #mermaid …We always appreciate a huge smile, though.

Zooey Deschanel golden globes dresses

Zooey Deschanel loves herself a big swirly ballgown. This one is Oscar de la Renta. The pearls are fitting.Alyssa Milano golden globes

Alyssa Milano in citrus with turquoise jewels.

Sarah Hyland golden globe awards 2013Sarah Hyland reminds us she’s 22 with, uh, what can generously be called “statement cleavage.” Also, minus two points for the peplum and pageant hair.

Ariel Winter golden globes dresses

Ariel Winter is 14, so she gets a pass.

Tina Fey golden globes dressesCeremony cohost Tina Fey looks lovely in a tea-length L’Wrenn Scott and a sleek blowout.

Amy Poehler golden globes dresses

We’re going to take a moment to get real pervy and say, “Day-umAmy Poehler.” She doesn’t normally do foxy but we’re into it.

Lucy Liu golden globe awards red carpet

Okay, hear us out: we’re not crazy about the silhouette of Lucy Liu‘s massive person-eating gown, but… that print is gorgeous.

Jennifer Lopez golden globe awards red carpet fashion

Oh my god, Jennifer Lopez. No. No. No.

Rosario Dawson golden globes red carpet

Rosario Dawson snags the dubious honor of biggest peplum.

Nicole Kidman golden globes dresses

Nicole Kidman may have it for weirdest dress of the evening. Hair looks lovely, though.

Rachel Weisz golden globe awards

Nooooooooooooo! Rachel Weisz looks astounding from the waist up and… so goddamn silly from the waist down.

Anne Hathaway red carpet golden globes looks

Liking Anne Hathaway‘s elegant ivory Chanel.

Jennifer Lawrence Dior couture golden globes dress

Jennifer Lawrence opts for Christian Dior couture, in that same orange-red shade we’ve seen all over red carpets for the past few months.

Olivia Munn golden globe awards

We kind of like Olivia Munn‘s Giorgio Armani. It’s different, it’s interesting, it fits her terrifically.

Emily Blunt golden globe awards 2013 red carpet

Emily Blunt opted for a collision of heavy lace and sex-appeal. We’re never crazy about cutouts.

Jessica Alba golden globes red carpet

Jessica Alba wears a very typical RED CARPET GOWN! but… man, she looks fantastic in coral.

Lea Michele golden globe awards

We know a demon spirit has possessed Lea Michele if she isn’t showing miles of clavicle or thigh. So, everything’s normal here.

70th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals We all expect a lot more from Marion Cotillard.

Kate Hudsongolden globe awards red carpet dresses

Kate Hudson: horrible dress, fantastic hair and makeup. She looks radiant from the neck up.

Taylor Swift golden globe awards dresses 2013Taylor Swift joins Lena Dunham in the eggplant camp. The dress is a slight departure from her usual virginal whites.

Jennifer Garner 2013 golden globe awards

Jennifer Garner in shimmery red.

Amanda Seyfried Golden Globe Awards red carpet

Amanda Seyfried wore… a tie bar?

Halle Berry worst dressed golden globe awards

Halle Berry positively dominates the worst dressed category in Atelier Versace.

Jessica Chastain golden globes red carpet

We don’t like the droopy fit of Jessica Chastain‘s baby blue column but holy shit that’s a beautiful color on her and her makeup is flawless.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley golden globes

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley bounced into the ceremony on one leg. Everything about this is dreadful–the leather cumberbund, the cravat.

Kristen Bell glden globe awards 2013

Kristen Bell is super pregnant and dressed appropriately. Pale lavender is a lovely color on her.

Sofia Vergara golden globes dresses 2013

Sofia Vergara only does one thing: skintight and sparkly.

But! She knows what works for her, so who are we to criticize?

70th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Jodie Foster gets a super shiny neckline, too.

Adele arrives at the 70th annual golden globe awards

Adele does her standard awards show thing: sleeves, empire waist, beehive, cat eye.

Kerry Washington golden globe awards 2013

Kerry Washington can do better. This is weird.

Allison Williams golden globe awards red carpet

Allison Williams is doing that very patrician glamour thing.

Anjelica Huston golden globe awards

Anjelica Huston… uh. We loved you so much in The Witches.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus golden globe awards red carpet Julia Louis-Dreyfus in strapless Vera Wang (everything is starting to run together).

70th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

Salma Hayek knows what works for her. She’s a sparkly bombshell in Gucci.

Emily Deschanel golden globes dresses

Emily Deschanel donned some cool football padding…

Heidi Klum golden globe awards

Heidi Klum‘s legs, everyone!

Julianne Moore golden globe awards red carpet

Julianne Moore looks great… pays to be friends with Tom Ford.

Eva Longoria golden globe awards Eva Longoria: still famous, inexplicably. Still cheesey, predictably.

Helen Mirren golden globes 2013

Helen Mirren, looking hot, like always.

Katharine McPhee golden globe awards 2013

Katharine McPhee did too much of everything: too plunging, too high a slit, too much hair, etc.

Kristen Wiig golden globe awards red carpet

Kristen Wiig looked beautiful, for sure, but this dress seemed… awkward.

Stacy Keibler golden globe awardsStacy Keibler‘s Armani Prive was kind of great, right?

Or are we being charitable because it’s 11:23 at night?

Thandie Newton golden globe awards

Thandie Newton wore a bizarre mini dress and pink sandals. We don’t understand a single aspect of this.

Julianna Margulies golden globe awards

Julianna Margulies was a layered lace explosion.

Helena Bonham Carter golden globe awards 2013

Ah, let’s end the evening on Helena Bonham Carter, who is always… reliably… Helena Bonham Carter.

Sienna Miller golden globes


We forgot Sienna Miller! She snuck by all the red carpet correspondents! Also, her dress was weird.

Naomi Watts golden globes


We also missed Naomi Watts. She’s had so many strong recent showings on the red carpet that this feels a little too staid.

Just a reminder: check out our picks for ten best dressed and ten worst dressed, then vote for your top and bottom three.

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