Did you catch the Golden Globes on Sunday? I really enjoyed both the purple/lilac and blush-toned dress color trends, but what I really loved was the soft, touchable hairstyles on so many of the actresses.

20100117_zaf_l89_343.jpgWhether worn down loose and wavy like Jennifer Anniston, Jillian Michaels, and Christina Hicks or in a simple updo worn by celebrities like Sandra Bullock, Jane Krakowski, Julianna Margulies, or Kate Winslet, the look was fresh and sexy.

The looks were built around a few key features; a swooping side bang or off-center part, healthy shine, and natural-looking waves.

The best hair had a look that appeared free of spray, but with the storms that are blowing through California right now, you can be sure that plenty of product was used. The key to getting these looks right, is to make the finished product appear effort-less.

How do you recreate these looks at home?  Well it’s simpler than you might think. If your hair is straight you can fake naturally wavy hair applying a texturizing product after washing, then blowing dry. Use a large barrel (at least 1 inch) curling iron to put loose waves all around. If you have wavy hair, then either let it air dry, or blow dry until barely damp, then twist into loose waves around your head. Leave hair alone until full dry.

20100117_cob_o05_183.jpgIf going with hair down, like Jennifer Anniston, then apply a texture cream to your hands, rub them together, then comb your fingers through the ends gently to separate the waves a bit. Finish with a light misting of shine spray. Done.

To do a simple up-do, ala Kate Winslet or Sandra Bullock, fluff waves, then gather hair into a low ponytail. Leave bangs out and a few tendrils, but make sure that they are uneven in size, so they look as if they escaped on their own, accidentally. Twist the pony-tailed hair into a loose bun, then secure with hairpins.

Use a backcomb with a pick at the end to loosen pulled back hair, this is what gives it that effort-less look. Then, give hair a light spray with hair spray.

20100117_cob_o05_165.jpgYou can experiment with the bun – at the nape or move it to the side. Sandra Bullock’s loose bun was on the side with an almost slept-in look to it.

To pull this look off at home, it’s going to have to be a whole lot tamer and to keep it from falling all the way out, apply a bit more spray.

Sandra’s complete look, purple sleeve-less dress with sheer-ish skirt, was my favorite look of the night. 

Image credit: Zuma Press