There’s an article in the Miami New Times about which which 90’s fashion trends are posed for a comeback. They’re pretty much what you’d expect – crop tops (maybe) Clueless style (yay) and that kinderwhore look Courtney Love was always wearing. You know what you didn’t expect? How excited the Miami Times would be about the re-emergence of your old friend heroin. Regarding the kinderwhore look:

Courtney Love was the icon of this fashion aesthetic, but she took it a step further by looking like she rolled in a bunch of dirt and added a dash a heroin track marks for that perfect “I’ve been a very bad girl” look.

Chances for a comeback?
Very good. Cocaine was all the rage in the 2000s as a sort of compliment to the ’80s revival. Seeing how we are trying to emulate the ’90s here, heroin might make a comeback as well, and the drug is essential to the look. This also means Kate Moss’s heroin chic has a good chance of returning as well.

Are they making a funny? I genuinely can’t tell, because cocaine was cool again in 2000. And they’re a newspaper, and those don’t have senses of humor, because they’re run by olds, and possibly, in this case, Scarface.

That said, it’s 2010 and we’ve all grown up on Requiem for A Dream. Heroin hasn’t been chic since the Velvet Underground was doing it. In 2010 it doesn’t mean being a rock star, it mean waking up vomiting in a Scientology pool with Peaches Geldof. It’s a new era. Just do some perscription drugs like everyone else.