Betsey Johnson

Today, Betsey Johnson LLC filed for bankruptcy. To you ageless, free-spirited souls out there, I’m sorry to tell you that the news is really grim. It’s not just a “We’re reorganizing and refusing to pay the pensions we promised” bankruptcy. It’s a “Close the doors and sell the leftover hangers” bankruptcy.

Betsey Johnson is closing all of her stores and letting go of approximately 350 employees. It is a rough day for the world of hot pink leopard print.

You could go to this link and read the rather bland statement from the company’s CEO. It’ll remind you that the company got so incredibly desperate that it accepted money from Steve Madden a couple years back. Our souls died a little that day, didn’t they?

Or you could flip through this slideshow of the wonderful Betsey J and send happy vibes to that wacky little lady who can’t help but smile. Wherever you are today Bets, I hope you’re drinking champagne and remembering the good times!


(Photo: Racked)[ITPGallery]