Robyn Lawley swimwear line for Madison Plus SelectIt is no secret that finding clothing for sizes above about a 12 can not just be difficult, but also straight up disappointing. Lines for plus-size women are often cut strangely, sold online and only created in flat colors (because it flattens your omg tummy!!!!). Basically, they’re boring and we do not enjoy them. We all want more. We all deserve more!

Enter Robyn Lawley‘s new swimsuit line with Madison Plus Select. Rather than that loose-fitting tankini (which might as well be the peplum of bathing suits, by the way), the collection is full of stylish, gorgeous swimwear that can appeal to many, many woman, myself included.

Lawley is already on a fast road to becoming a serious fashion icon. Not only has is she the first plus-size model to be a face of Ralph Lauren, she has also appeared in many magazines — including their covers! — and openly spoken out against beauty standards in the industry. She’s faced some treatment that other models likely would not, but overall, Lawley is doing incredibly well in the fashion world. Hopefully, this collaboration indicates her future pursuit of design, in addition to modeling, and the world of fashion’s willingness to use mindsets like hers so more plus-size women can find beautiful, stylish clothing that fits them.

Photos: Facebook & MPS.[ITPGallery]