"I fucking hate this family."

I’m not sure what Thanksgiving is like at your house, but on a scale of 1 to Hell, most rest in an uncomfortably heated area. There’s a whole lot of shopping, cleaning, cooking and bustling. This translates to a considerably heightened amount of tension, as well. As somebody who cannot handle yelling unless she’s drunk–and I am presently sober as a judge–I am do not deal happily with stress.

While I sit upstairs comfortably above the action, I’ve been thinking of various online ways to help others in similarly tense positions. And you’re already on the Internet, so I figured I would just show you pictures of some adorable and very absurd Thanksgiving-themed fun. Since adults dressed as turkeys is generally creepy, here are a bunch of pets and children getting their cute on, gobble gobble style.*

So, thank you Pinternet, for this bounty of adorableness that will now grace our screens.

*Is anybody else a little surprised there wasn’t a huge cover of “Gangnam Style” using turkey sounds instead? No? Okay.

Photo: 6ABC