Last night, The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences’ held its annual Governors Awards and we’re still trying to figure out what the ceremony is and who it involves. At the moment, we know attendees were fancy. Here’s Amy Adams, Kristen Stewart, Bradley Cooper, Richard Gere and more on the red carpet.

Amy Adams’ dress was a pretty typical stab at “old Hollywood glamor” from the front. But…

From the side it just looked kind of unfinished and awkward. We weren’t amazed by it from any angle, but this one strikes us in particular.

Bradley Cooper wore a suit and looked a lot more damp than usual.

Ewan McGregor (‘s makeup artist) kind of overdid it on bronzer. He is otherwise wearing what men wear to these things.

John Hawkes is always so deep into his oddball characters (thinking Winter’s Bone) that you kind of forget he’s pretty handsome under there.

We have no love for Kristen Stewart’s weird layered doily dress.

Personal bias: we can’t stand slits in the middle of a skirt. It looks dreadful. That’s our one bone to pick with this look, however, as Leslie Mann is consistently unstoppable on the red carpet. Like the minimal jewelry, fresh makeup and tidy hair, too.

Nia Vardalos! We never saw My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

Richard Gere‘s shoes do not go with Richard Gere’s suit. We like his glasses, though.

Seth MacFarlane, mugging for the camera.

Virginia Madsen wears an awkward dress in a show-stopping shade of green. We dislike the shoes, the clutch and especially the bodice. But it’s still quite a shade.

(All photos via Wenn)