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2008 GQ’s Men Of The Year is a compilation of 28 Men who made the world a better place this year? President Elect Barack Obama took the “Game Changer” title. Choosing someone else for the particular title would have been pointless :) .

Rounding up the list are :

  • Boston Celtics, (NBA) Champions
  • Thom Browne, Designer of the Year
  • Leonardo DiCaprio, Leading Man
  • Aaron Eckhart, Villain
  • Shepard Fairey, The Artist
  • Brandon Flowers, Killer Year
  • James Franco, Screen Idol
  • Josh Hamilton, Comeback Kid
  • John Hamm, Breakout
  • Ted Kennedy, Legend
  • Seth MacFarlane, The Mogul
  • John Malcovich, Mad Genius
  • Danny MacBride, Funny Man
  • MGMT + M.I.A, Radio Gods
  • Rafael Nadal, Court King
  • Chris Paul, Heavy Medal of the Year
  • Sean Penn, Drama Queen
  • General David Petraeus, Leader of the Year
  • Michael Phelps, Golden Boy
  • Gordon Ramsay, Prick
  • Alain Robert, Daredevil of the Year
  • Philip Roth, Icon of the Year
  • Jason Statham, Action Hero
  • Neil Willenson, Hero of the Year
  • The Men Behind “The Wire”, Tough Guys of the Year
  • Mark Zuckerberg, Boy Genius of the Year
  • Megan Fox, Obsession

Any thoughts on the list? Megan Fox? You know GQ, they’re always trying to throw us off when they get a chance :).

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