Grace Coddington Calvin Klein Fall 2016

We always look forward to the new season’s advertising campaigns. It’s always exciting to see the new clothes, faces and visions of every brand. We are always especially curious to see Calvin Klein‘s ads. Every brand pushes the boundaries and expands our imaginations, but there are few who have created such iconic campaigns as Calvin Klein. Just think about Kate Moss in her Calvins in the ’90s, or Justin Bieber in his underwear in more recent times. The brand’s Fall 2016 campaign has dropped and it features none other than Vogue legend and former model Grace Coddington.

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The ad campaign was shot by Tyrone Lebon. As with past campaigns, the latest one discusses what people do in their Calvins. It should come as no surprise that cat lover Grace purrs in her Calvins. She appears in the ad wearing a slim black suit and chunky shoes.

Grace is just one of the many stars featured in the Fall 2016 campaign. As per usual, the campaign features a mix of cool fashion icons, musicians and actors. Bella Hadid, Zoe Kravitz, Frank Ocean, Margot Robbie, Anna Ewers and Presley Walker Gerber are just a few of the campaign’s faces. Calvin Klein has also shot the Kate Moss for the campaign along with up-and-coming street-cast models.

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Everyone does something different in their Calvins. Grace purrs in hers, Margot Robbie builds castles while Bella Hadid intimidates. However, the thing that all of the campaigns stars have in common is that they all show off their individuality while rocking their Calvins.

(Photo: Tyrone Lebon/Calvin Klein)