Remember those little metal hook-things your grandma used to carry around with her so that she didn’t have to dump her purse on the floor when you took her out to the Legion? Well, they’re back…and I’m here to tell you that they are a complete and utter revelation.

Don’t believe me? Think back to last February, when you ran out for a drink with the cute guy from the office and ended up hugging your handbag seductively to your bosom throughout the entire encounter to save it from certain destruction on the rain-soaked floor. Or perhaps you’ll recall that time you draped your purse across the back of your chair, only to later find that – surprise! – you no longer have keys, a cell phone…or a wallet.

The days of mud-smeared Muses are over; purse hangers (also called hooks, holders, and caddys) can easily be purchased online for around $15.

Just be ready for some “I told you so”s from Grandma.