Continuing with our Graphic on One Side series, I chanced upon this Lucky Brand Jeans black coal short-sleeve “Let it Ride” skull and dice graphic tee from Dillard’s. For some reason the color is a little dull for my taste but I must admit that the graphic definitely pops.


Not jumping for joy on the color once again. I think it’s perfect for the fall season but not for Summer. Having said that, I do like the anchor graphic design on this Nautica Jeans shirt.

Now that I think about it, all the shirts featured on this Graphic on One Side series [1, 2] I’m doing has been under the Fall colors. So my new mission is to find summer hues to add to the collection since that’s the season we’re in anyway. DO’H, sorry guys.  So yes, watch out for blue, orange or yellow coming up your way  :) .