What’s the first thing you think when you see Kate Middleton?  Because I think “whoa there, someone needs to cool it with the crumpets. Let’s get a blur tool on that spare tire, STAT!”

Just kidding. Everyone knows that Kate Middleton is tiny and cute. Which is why it freaked people out so much when it appeared that Grazia Magazine had Photoshopped her waist to be even smaller than it already was. Look at the discrepancy between the line of her skirt coming out of the bottom of her arm, and the line of her corset as it hits the top. Why would anyone feel the need to do that? If Kate frickin’ Middleton isn’t thin enough to meet the beauty ideal, what will become of the rest of us??

Fortunately, it was just a mistake. At least, that’s what the magazine is saying. After initially denying claims that they had Photoshopped Kate’s waist area at all, they came out with an apology and an explanation.

Via The Daily Mail:

In an apology published in the magazine, Grazia explained that it had wanted ‘a great image of the duchess on her own, but all the photographs had the duke in too… so we asked our reproduction house to remove him from the picture.

This would have left the Duchess with only one arm, so they copied over her arm to complete the picture.’

It added that it had not been its intention to make the Duchess look slimmer than she already was.

‘[Grazia] would like to reassure all our readers that we did not purposely make any alternations to the Duchess of Cambridge’s image to make her appear slimmer, and we are sorry if this process gave that impression,’ the statement read.

It seems kind of ridiculous to me that a major glossy would make such a glaring Photoshop error on its cover. Then again, which is worse: having crazy unrealistic beauty standards for women, or hiring incompetent Photoshoppers? If I have to choose, I guess I prefer the latter. But perhaps a company Photoshop workshop is in order.