We’ve all heard the stories about regular old civilians getting kicked off airplanes because of the way they were dressed: the girl who was told by flight attendants that she was wearing too little to fly, the young man who was on his way home from a friend’s funeral and was arrested after airline employees insisted that this pants sagged too much.

Well, now, Southwest has made a big mistake. Huge! Because the most recent victim of their nonsensical, case-by-case, totally subjective clothing violation rules is none other than Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong.

According to Extra, Armstrong boarded a plane in Oakland headed for Burbank, CA on Thursday night when a flight attendant asked him to pull his pants up. After a brief back and forth, in which Armstrong asked if she didn’t have better things to do than worry about his pants, he was kicked off.

He tweeted about the incident, and Southwest issued a statement on Friday, saying that, “As soon as we became aware of what had happened, we reached out to apologize for this Customer’s experience.”