Greta Gerwig

Being a semi-famous actress has got to be weird. You suddenly have to talk about yourself frequently, to various members of the press (but only in a “cool,” “likeable” way), and designers are always sending you beautiful, expensive clothes that do not fit you. What the what?

Case in point: Monday night at the CFDA awards, The Cut asked rising indie film star Greta Gerwig how she felt about all the fashion offers she’s been getting since becoming a relatively well known actress, and she replied that it’s great, because now people will send her clothes that fit her:

“To be honest, it’s really exciting, because having a higher profile means someone will actually send something in the right size. They used to only send way smaller sizes. I’d get this little tiny dress, and just look at it and be like, Oh, I’m so sad. But when you have a little bit of clout, they’ll send over a six, which is awesome!”

Sofia Vergara confirms this fact, telling The Cut, “At the beginning, I was getting sample sizes, which of course didn’t fit and I would have to transform them. Those were works of art that I had to do with my seamstress. Because to make all this fit in a sample size is insane!” She says that she still has to alter a lot of clothes to fit her body, but that designers are now sending her better fitting clothes as well.

So yeah, this is really a real thing that happens. To those of us outside the fashion industry, the idea that designers would send someone, anyone, a garment that doesn’t fit them just seems incredibly rude, no? It’s like sending a cheese plate to someone with a deadly lactose allergy, only not really, because you can’t tell someone’s allergies by looking at them, but you can generally tell when someone’s body is larger than a size 0. Getting free clothing in what is obviously the wrong size seems worse than getting no clothing at all.

Is this some sort of weird act of passive aggression on the part of designers, like, “you are famous enough to get free clothes, but not famous enough to get free clothes that fit you… unless you are a size 0, in which case, we approve of you”? Or do they just not give a shit? In any case, I’m glad Greta Gerwig is finally getting clothes that fit her, because she’s a badass actress/writer who is really great at making me feel feelings, and I want her to have all the nice things that she wants. 

(Via TheCut)

Photo: WENN