Ed Westwick, aka the most stylish, fashionable, troubled, and richest high school student in the history of high school show genres Chuck Bass sported a grey double-breasted coat while on the set of Gossip Girl in NYC.


If you like Ed Westwick’s look, here are few grey double-breasted coats that I found for you.


Tasso Elba Collezioni double breasted coat, $149.99



Kenneth Cole “wakely” double-breasted coat, $299.98


Givenchy double breasted coat, € 440.00


Debenhams grey double breasted coat, £110.00

I’m still looking for more grey double breasted coats ala Ed Westwick. Once I find more I’ll let you know :)

(Image : Pacific Coast News) (Debenhams, Louisa Viaroma, Kenneth Cole, Macy’s)