Fashion designers will hopefully never run out of bizarre projects on which to collaborate–whether it’s masstige collections for retailers like H&M, Louis Vuitton trash bags, Chanel footballsGucci cars–or else we’d have significantly less material to make fun of.

Anyway, Gucci’s creative director Frida Giannini designed two Gucci-branded bikes for old world Italian brand Bianchi, in addition to accessories: a helmet, riding gloves and a water bottle. The bikes break down like so:

This Gucci-Bianchi model is sleek and logo-driven, with the little Gucci green-red-green stripes on the top tube. It comes in two models: a white steel single-speed bike (below), retailing for $6,200, has Gucci leather handle grips and is aimed at urban riders who don’t have to fight any hills (no point in carrying it in San Francisco); and a matte black carbon-fiber model, which costs $14,000, is an urban/off-road bike with carbon fork and disc brakes.

And, because you can’t go on without knowing how it looks, here’s the Gucci water bottle:

Any cyclists want to let us know just how absurd this price point is?

(via the WSJ)