gucci fall 2016 milan fashion weekDamn, Alessandro Michele. Daaamn. It’s like, why you gotta call me out like that? Call us all out for that matter. Gucci‘s Fall 2016 show at Milan Fashion Week today is a massive wake-up call to those of us who have been trapped in the black and grey and camel colored abyss of our current fashion climate. I know it’s not just me. There are only so many hours you can spend scrolling through monochromatic fashion Instagrams a la Danielle Berstein without letting it take over your style, and I say that from experience. I have been wearing so much black of late that I’m worried my brand-new colleagues find me a bit morose. And then I watched the Gucci show.

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It was bizarre. It was colorful. It was nerdy. It was bold. It was sexy. It was fitted. It was laughing at itself. It was floral. It was over-the-top. It was wearable. It was vintage. It was modern. It was edgy. It was classic. And for me, it was a giant wake-up call. What are you doing? it asked. Fashion is supposed to be fun, remember? Just take a look and tell me I’m not alone here. Tell me these looks don’t make you want to dress more like an edgy Brooklyn librarian. Let’s kick things off with my immediate fave.

Gucci - Runway - Milan Fashion Week FW16I can’t even remember the last time I wore florals.

Gucci - Runway - Milan Fashion Week FW16And red? No way. But like…why the hell not?

Gucci - Runway - Milan Fashion Week FW16Since when am I too “sophisticated” for big jewelry? For stripes? For bold colors? (I’m not, and I miss them.)

Gucci - Runway - Milan Fashion Week FW16

Literally I have a long patterned coat like this AND I’M WEARING IT TOMORROW JUST TRY TO STOP ME. 
Gucci - Runway - Milan Fashion Week FW16

Sure, this one isn’t right-off-the-runway wearable, but the inspiration is there in a huge way.

Gucci - Runway - Milan Fashion Week FW16

This however…yes, I could absolutely put together a version of this to wear to work. I already have the glasses for it.

Gucci - Runway - Milan Fashion Week FW16And I can DEFINITELY get myself a patterned jumpsuit. Why the hell not??

Gucci - Runway - Milan Fashion Week FW16Some black is okay, but wake it up a little Kelsey for Christ’s sake!

Seriously, thank you Alessandro, for jolting me out of my fashion stupor. All hail the new Gucci am I right?

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