Gucci Resort 2013 campaign

Gucci selected Karmen Pedaru, Joan Smalls, Nadja Bender, Janis Ancens & Baptiste Radufe as the collection of genetically gifted people to star in the Resort 2013 campaign. Shot by superstar photographers Mert & Marcus, the ads feature beautiful people lounging in pastels and improbable pantsuits, over a meal of watermelon and cocktails (not kidding).

Normally, that bit of news wouldn’t be remarkable enough to mention–Gucci puts pretty people in silly clothes, photographs them–but, while scrolling through the shots, we came upon this one of the lovely Joan Smalls, who appears to have been separated from her lower body:

Gucci Resort 2013 campaign, photoshop fail featuring Joan Smalls

Yup, that looks more like a game of exquisite corpse than an aspirational fashion ad. Mert must have done the top half, Marcus must have haphazardly slapped on her bottom. That’s the only explanation for this hackjob.

(view the rest at Image Amplified)