Another Snow White & The Huntsman premiere. Yawn. Wait, who just showed on the red carpet? You’ll never guess…

It’s Kristen Stewart‘s smile, everyone! That’s right, everyone’s favorite melancholy actress looks downright pleasant. I guess since she and Charlize are besties, these red carpet events have gotten a little more fun. Maybe?

I suppose we should look at what she wore as well.

This Stella McCartney look isn’t exactly my favorite. I think it’s the white shirt’s odd double-button neck that really throws me off. But I like Stewart’s hair and make-up, for what it’s worth.

But really, does anyone care? She’s smiling. She could wear whatever she wants and smile and I would probably be fine with it. Which just goes to show, she seriously could use a little more happy faces in her life.

(via Styleite)