dreamstime_2069593.jpgYou know, in doing this blog I must say I’ve exposed myself to a very very dangerous thing: on-line/Internet shopping. Yes, yes. I’m truly an addict now, and I have to blame all of you out there for this (that’s right, I said it!) because in trying to find the hottest fashion/beauty items for you gals, I wind up buying for myself! And that is a no no! How am I supposed to be a responsible mother and mortgage paying homeowner if I keep this up!??! I mean, really!!! ;) I kid, I kid…

Honestly though, as I type this, I am looking out of my window anxiously waiting for the UPS deliveryperson to come (it is almost 5pm EST and I am getting anxious that they may not show) to bring me my handbag delivery. It’s 5:02pm EST. Don’t they stop deliveries at 5pm?! God, I hope not. I’ll be one upset chica if that is the case…

I want to tell you all about my on-line shopping guilty pleasure, and no, it’s not just about the fact that I shop on-line obsessively; it’s about where I shopped today. Now, understand, I’m a grown (ha!) 30-year-old woman, but I am (kinda sorta) not ashamed to tell you all that I did some shopping at the teeny-bopper-Seventeen magazine-friendly website, Alloy. I also did some browsing at dELiA*s. There! I said it.

alloy.gif delias.gif

But let me explain a bit. Many lifetimes ago I worked at the dELiA*s call center in New York City placing orders for telephone customers. I was 19 yrs old at the start of my employment there and needed the money to supplement my fashion addiction–it was a great way to do just that. dELiA*s started out as a teeny catalog company marketing themselves to the 12-18 year old girls and they’ve since exploded as one of the biggest catalog and retail presences in the U.S. Alloy was another of these catalog companies, and decided, why compete when they could be one big company, so Alloy bought dELiA*s in 2003. They still have separate presences on-line and in retail, but they are the owned by the same parent company. OK, Enough biz talk, on to the shopping goodies.

I was trying to make my purchase today on-line and I couldn’t because they were having technical difficulties which I found out after panicking thinking my credit card was maxed out! and wound up placing my order with a very sweet representative over the telephone. I have to admit I felt a bit out of place on the phone with this young girl placing an order that I’M going to wear, but hey, I’m not one of those woman who can’t dress my age *coughing* Mariah Carey! *cough! cough!*. What? What’d I say? ;)  My point is, I’d like to think I know how to make any item, no matter WHERE it was purchased, look fabu.  That is I write for you all, n’est pas?  And I LOVE it!

Here’s what I bought:

alloy_162685_blue_large.jpg alloy_163089_ivor_large.jpg

Aren’t they both darling? I can totally see myself wearing the “Button Babydoll” top with some skinny jeans and pumps on a night out (which I have coming up with soon with some girlfriends! Yippee!! A night out!) Like so:

And the “Button Dress“, I can wear to anything, really. Also, with my brand new Nine West pumps. Can’t. Wait!

This time, I want to hear from you all. What other great on-line shopping sites can you share with me? C’mon! Spill it! :-D