Love jewelry but hate gun violence? Now you can kill rescue two birds with one stone…and a sparky, precious one, at that.

To help generate revenue for his city’s Gun Buyback Amnesty program, Newark, NJ mayor Corey Booker has tapped Jewelry For A Cause to create a line of jewelry made from illegal guns and bullet casings that have been confiscated by the program. Each piece is made of either brass or steel, and bears the serial number of one of the confiscated weapons, as well as the name of the city. Buyers currently have the choice between bracelets and bangles.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this jewelry go to the program. I wish I knew how much, but it’s already generated $20,000, which seems decent. The program has proven massively popular, taking countless weapons off the streets. Mayor Booker told Rachel Maddow that parents are bringing in their children’s guns in addition to their own, which I think we can all agree is disturbing and relieving at the same time. And the jewelry looks nice, too!

For those with extra cash to burn, there’s the option of getting your gun control jewelry with a diamond in it. “Embedded next to the serial number is a single diamond (approx 0.11cts); strong, precious and rare…like human life,” the product description says. So true.


(Via Styleite)