gutzy wear

Have you ever wondered why there hasn’t been a solution to the age-old dilemma of seeing somebody you’re interested in but never catching their name, status, age or any indication of interest? Well, short of staking out Craigslist’s Missing Connections section — which is primarily populated with crazy stalkers — there isn’t actually much you can do. OR IS THERE?

There is, actually, kind of. But only if you’re both desperate enough to wear the same company’s logo everyday. Introducing Gutzy Wear, a clothing line designed exclusively for single people. According to their Facebook:

Gutzy “meet me” Wear is a brand designed to assist single men and women in finding a love connection when out and about in the places they go every day. The apparel currently consists of casual tees, tanks and gym wear.

So for 1 – ? days a week (depending on how often you double up garments and/or do laundry), you can signal to people that you’re single. Sure. It seems great for people who may want to expressly state via clothing that their are available.

But it’s also for folks who are really, really trusting of a company’s ability to keep their information out of creepy people’s hands. Why? Because you get a tracking number on your clothing so people who spot you can look you up and contact you.

The Niche: For $5 more, customers can purchase an email connection code which is a 3 digit number that is printed under the Gutzy logo on the back of the tee. This code is awesome because if someone sees you and thinks you are attractive, but missed the opportunity to walk up and say hi, they can enter your code via the Gutzy Wear website and email you to let you know where they saw you. They can also attach a photo of themselves to see if you are interested in corresponding.

“Dear Person: I just saw you buying avocados, but was too scared to say hi. I know where you shop now, though, so maybe I’ll see you there next week! And then I can follow you home say hi!”

They’re also working on a smart phone app, so if you see somebody in public and he or she is hanging out with people, you can enter their code and send them an email. The person can “view your email immediately and respond and/or meet you right then and there if the opportunity allows.” Oh, and it will also ensure that person will feel completely uncomfortable if he or she is totally not interested and has to sit in that same location for the rest of the evening, knowing a rejected suitor is chilling across the room. This company seems to be overly optimistic about its clientele already.

But don’t worry, they have safeguards!

“Gutzy Wear is not responsible for married, underage, or psycho individuals who approach you, so please wear responsibly.”

Wait, no they don’t.

Photo: Facebook