(Photo: Chinchilla/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images/Getty Images)

The only explanation I can come up with for this photo is that Gwen Stefani is so cool that her body does not generate heat. She was out yesterday in Los Angeles wearing black leather in April, and somehow she still manages to look both hot and cool at the same time. It shouldn’t be surprising, since Stefani has been a fashion icon since she was in high school, and my fashion icon since I was in high school.

Still, black leather shorts are a pretty tough thing to wear without looking “trying too hard” or making passersby think of the unique pain of sitting on black leather upholstery in a car that’s been parked in the sun too long. But somehow when Gwen Stefani does it I don’t think, “Ouch!” or “Overkill, much?” I think, “Where do I buy myself a pair of black leather shorts for this summer?”

I think the secret is the styling, which with Gwen Stefani always manages to straddle that key line between “trying very hard” and “giving no fucks.” She’s wearing them over sheer exercise pants with a zip-up mock turtleneck and peep-toe booties, but her hair, makeup, and sunglasses are as polished, retro-classy, and on-point as those of Dita Von Teese. The whole effect makes her look like Grace Kelly, if Grace Kelly were a big damn rock star.

Let this be a lesson to all of us: With the right lipstick and cool sunglasses, we can make anything look awesome. Even black leather Bermuda shorts in April.