Singer Gwen Stefani, known for being, “out there” was seen hanging at the park with her kids, sporting these strange but unique Louis Vuitton “Bindi” sunglasses. They’ve got oversized acetate frames and tinted lenses. On the sides of the frame you’ll see that there are tiny little brass studs to dress the shades up.


It’s defining feature is the cut out on the bridge with the quartz charm in the middle. This is where the sunglasses get their name from. The design of these refers to the forehead decoration called a bindi, which can be seen in South Asia and Southeast Asia. The craziest thing about them? The huge dent it will make in your wallet! On average, these shades cost about $640! Soon, eLuxury might have them back in stock, but they’re pretty hard to order online. If you did like these, you’d most likely have to go in to a Louis Vuitton store. 

Image: Newscom