gwen-stefani-feetAs much as we love Christina Aguilera and her amazing, magical voice, the news that Gwen Stefani could be replacing her on The Voice has us totally stoked.

I have to admit, my excitement is pretty much entirely motivated by fashion. I have loved everything about Gwen Stefani’s style since 1994 (well, not the bindi thing, but almost everything else). Gwen Stefani is better for outfit-gawking than even Kate Middleton, and a job on The Voice would give us a chance to scope out her wardrobe and excellent makeup twice a week.

Gwen would be joining as a new judge along with Pharrell, who has like 40 giant Vivienne Westwood hats lined up for the occasion. Stefani shares a love of Westwood, and according to Refinery29 the two of them paired up last weekend to perform at Coachella. During the concert Pharrell even heralded the moment as being Stefani’s “return to the music industry,” which at the time seemed to indicate that Stefani was back at work at another album, but now it seems like he could just have been talking about her Voice deal.

TMZ says Stefani’s deal is confirmed and she will definitely be sitting in Xtina’s chair for The Voice Season 7, because Aguilera would be like 8 or 9 months pregnant when the new season starts filming and not likely to want to spend long days sitting in place while chugging Starbucks-branded espresso and listening to amateur singers at that point in time. The Hollywood Reporter says Stefani’s deal is still in the negotiation phase, and we want to know if there’s anything we can do to hurry that along. The woman is even a master of making maternity dressing look cool. Anything that will get her regularly wearing clothes on camera again would be a win for fashion.

(Photo: WENN)