Gwen Stefani attends the 2013 Costume Institute Gala

The words “style icon” get tossed around so frequently these days they’ve been rendered functionally meaningless, but if anybody has earned them it is Gwen Stefani. She is so cool that whenever I write about her I instinctively type “fucking” as though it were her middle name, Gwen Fucking Stefani. If there were any celebrity whose style I could magically download into my body (and closet), it would be hers.

A lot of modern style icons come by their greatness with a lot of help in the form of stylists, makeup artists, and clothing budgets, but Gwen Stefani’s latest selfie proves she’s always been the most stylish person around, even in high school.


That stylish young woman is Gwen-fucking-Stefani, age 17. She and her mother made that prom dress together, inspired by Grace Kelly‘s dress from Rear Window. Doesn’t that just seem like something Gwen Stefani would do?

Stefani even has a Barbie doll of Grace Kelly in her Rear Window dress, and it looks like Stefani and her mom did a bang-up job recreating that masterpiece.


I love that Stefani wore little white gloves with her dress, too. Gloves are an excellent accessory, especially for prom. You can dance without worrying about clammy hands (yours or your partner’s) and they elevate any outfit. Also, gloves are really sexy.

If any young people out there are still picking out their dresses for prom, there is still time to ask yourself: What Would Gwen Stefani Do?

And now we know the answer: Gwen Stefani would wear a vintage-inspired dress from a classic movie and be the coolest girl at the gym.

(Photo: Getty, Instagram/GwenStefani)