Controversy alert! After billing the beautiful black lace dress she wore to the amfAR AIDS fundraising gala as a creation of her own L.A.M.B. label (a piece of info I included in my slideshow on Saturday), Gwen Stefani was contradicted by Michael Angel, the man credited as her stylist. According to him, he designed the dress especially for her using the same pretty lacework he used in his Fall 2010 collection. “In choosing [a dress for amfAR], we just said, ‘Let’s make one,’ which is a whole other job in itself,” he told The Cut. Oh dear.

I’m guessing this is all the fault of someone on the amfAR auction committee, as Gwen doesn’t seem like the kind of person who’d take credit for someone else’s work on purpose. (Or maybe she is. I don’t know the woman!) In any case, it’s a shame that this is overshadowing the true purpose of the gala, which was to raise money for AIDS research. The dress sold for 90,000 Euros (over $120,000), which should do an amazing amount of good in the world no matter what the label on it says.

I think this should all be cleared up pretty soon with a statement from Gwen’s people. But in case you’d like to scrutinize her character and come to your own conclusions in the meantime, check out this video L’Oreal made of the proceedings. The cute way she jumps up and down in excitement around 2:20 is a testament to her kindhearted commitment to finding a cure for AIDS. And/or her joy at stealing the limelight from someone who works for her. You be the judge.