Just a few days too late to be included in my gallery of fashions for crazy cat ladies comes news of a development so zany even the most hardcore of cat ladies might balk at it: cat hair ball jewelry. According to the NY Daily News, blogger Kate Benjamin “wanted to dispel the unfashionable image of the ‘cat lady” so she took the next logical step: she made jewelry out of the precious fur her cat shed while being brushed, so that she could have a little piece of him with her always. Via the NYDN:

“‘I started with a good grooming session with several of the cats, then I hand-rolled each ball of cat fur into a tight bead,’ she wrote in her blog. ‘By rolling the loose fur between your palms, the strands become felted together, forming a solid little bead.’ Heidi then transformed the beads using her silversmithing skills and her amazing eye for modern design and voil…!”

Benjamin made sure to clarify that the “beads” are made from shedded cat fur only, and not actual coughed up hair balls, because “the latter would be pretty nasty.” Yes, that would be nasty. Making jewelry from clods of fur not even your cat wants on his body is only borderline repulsive. Way to dispel those stereotypes.

The best thing about this article is the picture of Benjamin’s partner-in-fashion-crime Heidi Abramson with her bad ass looking “muse,” Puccini:

You can tell Puccini thinks this whole thing is total bullshit.