I adore Halle Berry with short hair and I’m thrilled she’s returned to the style that made her famous.  Halle’s new cut may even be a tad shorter than the pixie cut she rocked as a Bond girl to Pierce Brosnan’s Bond in 2002’s “Die Another Day” and in 2004’s feeble feline flick “Cat Woman.”


Halle Berry's short hair has inspired many Hot Mama copy cats.

Halle Berry's short hair cut is hot!


Here, Halle is modeling her new “do” on the red carpet for Spike TV’s 2009 Guys’ Choice Awards. The foxy actress, however, has inspired short haircut envy since she starred opposite Eddie Murphy in 1992’s classic romantic comedy “Boomerang.”  

That year I went straight to my hairdresser in Washington D.C. asking for “the Halle Berry.”  And I’m sure Halle’s sassy new cut will inspire another generation of copy cats.

Image credit: Newscom