Some people love to go all out for Halloween, while others prefer to put on a hat and call it a day. If you’re not into the idea of wearing a hot, itchy costume, there are lots of themed clothes and accessories you can rock instead. They still have enough Halloween spirit, but they’re not made out of scratchy polyester. Even if you’re the type of person who has been working on your Halloween costume since April, you won’t be able to resist these Halloween-inspired pieces. The good news is you can start wearing them now, and you could continue wearing them long after the month is over.

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Get into the Halloween spirit with these clothes accessories:

1. Frankenstein’s Monster Slogan T-Shirt ($25.50, Missguided)

Missguided Frankenstein

That is one spooooky T-shirt. You don’t need to recreate Frankenstein’s makeup, if you don’t want to. Simply pair your tee with other black pieces.

2. Petite Claire Spider Web Halloween Bodycon Dress ($20, Boohoo)

bohoo spider web dress

A skeleton dress is a classic Halloween piece. That doesn’t mean that it is your only option. Switch things up with this spider web version. It has just as much of a Halloween vibe.

3. Jac Vanek RIP Graphic Sweatshirt ($74, Nasty Gal)

Nasty Gal

This cheeky sweatshirt has the black color and the white tombstone, but it also has a clever message. It shows that the wearer gives zero F’s and she isn’t going to apologize about it.

4. Fluffy Cat Ankle Socks ($6, Topshop)

Topshop akle socks

Here, kitty, kitty. If you’re rocking a LBD, you need to wear some cute socks with it. These cat ones are a great alternative to your usual striped socks. That cats are actually fluffy.

5. Darmo Monster Halloween Shoes ($41, ASOS)

ASOS glitter shoe

Get a spooky look from head to toe thanks to these shoes. The sparkly “skin” is brilliant, but it is those furry eyebrows and the fangs that make them.

6. Halloween Haunt It Raglan Tee ($17.45, Torrid)

Torrid Haunt It

Pun Halloween costumes are brilliant, but so is this T-shirt. You can dress it up with leather leggings or dress it down with joggers.

7. Skeleton Hand Patch Hair Clip ($12, Urban Outfitters)

Skeleton Hair CLip

Who needs a hand? If you think that hair accessories can only be super cutesy, this one will make you change your mind. Wear it when you hair is down or tucked into a bun.

8. Sweatshirt With Printed Motif ($12.99, H&M)

H&M Mouth Sweatshirt

We have seen a lot of cutouts, but this is something that we have never seen before. Play around with wearing different colored tops underneath to change the color of the inside of the mouth.

9. Wildfox Couture Jack o’ Lantern Top ($64, Revolve)

Revolve Pumpkin Tee

If you’re going to wear color on Halloween, make it orange. If you want to pair this orange pumpkin tee with some black, that is totally understandable.

10. Gold Tone Crystal Chain Cat Ear Headband ($16, River Island)

River Island

You might already wear a cat ear headband, but Halloween is the time when you can wear it with fake whiskers. This gold-colored one with chain detail is different than your usual varieties.

11. Skeletons After Dark Multi Spider Necklace ($52, Bestsey Johnson)


Don’t worry if the name makes you shiver, the spiders on this necklace aren’t real. However, if spiders looked like these green ones IRL, they wouldn’t be as bad.

12. Hot Sox Women’s Haunted House Socks ($6, Macy’s)

Hot Sox

Make sure you wear cropped pants or a short skirt so you can properly show off these socks. These socks may be small, but they have captured an entire scene complete with pumpkins and a witch.