We really love Halloween at The Gloss, and we especially love people who take Halloween just a smidge too seriously, like Heidi Klum. But it is technically possible to take Halloween too seriously, like the parents who spend thousands on their kids’ costumes so they can impress other kids’ parents with how cool they are, and this guy in Germany who terrorized his neighborhood by running around with an actual fucking chainsaw.

According to The Local, Germany’s biggest Halloween fan was so excited about his Texas Chainsaw Massacre costume that he decided to chase a bunch of strangers around with, again, an actual fucking chainsaw.

“He showed up at a bus stop at about 11pm, with the chainsaw running,” said police spokesperson Peter Jung.

The people at the bus stop were understandably terrified. Most of them called the police, while one guy whipped out a starting pistol and threatened the would-be chainsaw murderer with it.

Realizing at that moment that chasing strangers with a chainsaw was a terrible idea, the 22-year-old ran off, but it did not take long for the police to find him. When the police arrived at his door, the man pretended he was not the culprit. But the chainsaw was just sitting in his backyard, so nobody was buying it.

“There was no chain on the saw – so there was no way he could have actually injured anyone. But equally only an expert could have known that, as he had the thing running,” said Jung.

The police are not yet sure what they will be charging the chainsaw man with, but they’ll figure something out.

“And we have kept the chainsaw as evidence,” Jung said. “It’s quite an expensive one.”

To recap: Dressing up for Halloween is awesome. Dressing sexy or dressing scary are both great, but it is generally not a good idea to make people fear for their actual lives.

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Via The Local/Photo: Giphy