Handmade At AmazonMove over, Etsy because there is a new online store to feed our addiction of unique jewelry, home decor, and one-of-a-kind pieces. Amazon has just launched Handmade At Amazon, an online store that specifically sells handmade items. We may not need another reason to shop at Amazon because there are already about 3,402 (approximately), but if you spend hours trolling the internet for unique and sometimes delightfully weird handmade things, this will make you very excited.

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Whether you love special pieces of jewelry or unique furniture, there is something for you on the site. You can also shop for artwork, stationery, party supplies, bedding, cute baby things, and more. The items for sale are from artisans from around the world from Uganda to the United Kingdom to the United States. You can even refine your search by the location of the artisans. The site launched today with over 800,000 items from 5,000 sellers from 60 countries. If you have Amazon Prime, there are Handmade At Amazon items that are eligible.

They aren’t just calling the shop “Handmade At Amazon” to make it sound artisanal and crafty. If someone wants to sell their goods in the online shop, they must be strictly handmade. Artisans must provide details of their manufacturing process and machines used. Outsourcing is not allowed. If an artist doesn’t qualify for Handmade At Amazon, they are invited to list their things on the more general Amazon Marketplace.

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Handmade at Amazon has a different feel than the rest of the site. Similar to Etsy, when you look at an item, you are able to see a photo of the artist and the details of where they are from for a more virtual market feel.

Check out just a few of the unique items that you can buy:Amazon Teardrop Ring

(24K Gold Druzy Teardrop Ring, $59, VitrineDesigns)

Handmade At Amazon will please jewelry lovers with stunning pieces like this. This teardrop ring is wire-wrapped for a unique finish.Amazon Petal Mini Lantern

(Petal Mini Lantern, $20, A&K Woodworking And Design)

This would look stunning with the tea light lit up inside but it would also be a great addition to your desk. Everyone has a potted plant but no one would have this.Amazon Custom Crayons

(Five-Pack Fall Leaf Multicolored Crayons, $5.99, Custom Crayons by Sara)

How cute are these? When you aren’t drawing with them, you can use them as part of your fall display.

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Handmade At Amazon has launched at the perfect time now that Blake Lively‘s Preserve website is shutting down and Etsy has changed its vendor rules and allowed artisans to outsource some of their manufacturing. It allows you to get unique handmade things without having to travel around to different markets. Remember the site when you start thinking more about your Christmas shopping.

Check out Handmade At Amazon to see lots of artisans’ products.

(Photo: Handmade At Amazon)