I have nothing against hippies. In fact, if I had access to a scanner, I’d scan a photo of me high out of my mind at a Grateful Dead concert as proof that I was one for a hot minute. Or rather, I wanted to see the Dead before Jerry passed away, which he did just a couple months later. What can I say? I used to love outdoor concerts where you can drink, smoke weed and make out with boys you’ll never see again.

Thanks to my friends who are still living some sort of hippy existence, I woke up to multiple “Happy 4/20 Day!” texts this morning. Great. Because potheads need a specific day to indulge in the gunga? In college this date was the most important day of the year where everyone skipped class and set up shop either at the beach or in the woods somewhere with Phish or the Dead on the stereo. I’m not even stereotyping, that’s exactly how shit went down every April 20th, and probably still does at universities across the country, and maybe even the world, too.

So although hemp products usually conjure up images of a hippy couple dancing in a field barefoot with dandelions in their hair, all while dressed in head-to-toe hemp gear, I figured I’d try to find some other hemp wear that isn’t completely hippy-looking. Like bamboo, hemp is a great eco-friendly substance that can make for wonderful clothing and bags, but the hippy connotation associated with it can sometimes get in the way of trying them out. However, I scrounged up a few pieces that won’t have you humming “Casey Jones,” when you give them a gander.