Break out your guacamole, and mix up some sangria: Today is Cinco de Mayo, and it seemed the perfect opportunity to show some related fashions!

siestatopThe most important aspect of any good siesta is starting out the party…not being topless. And so, this Siesta top is great to wear while you slice up your avocados and ready your dip.

It’s a fun and festive sheer black top features two panels ofukeleledress colorful embroidery with yellow and pink stitching and a ruffled neckline to add a sweet touch.

For a sun-soaked party, I also love the Ukulele Dress at DownEast Basics. It has a colorful trendy print that makes me want to dance…and I hate dancing! It also has a cross over neckline, smocked waist, and A-line skirt with ruffle detail. Totally cute, and perfect for whatever fiesta comes your way today!

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