This is the weekend of Easter and Passover, and while we may be thinking “new shoes for spring”, what we should REALLY be thinking is about gifts for when we visit family and friends.

So, I underwent the tireless job of sampling some great goodies, and I have a few suggestions!


passoverI am a nice Jewish girl, and have been plagued for years by friends completely forgetting Passover even exists – or what it is! (Note, these are the same friends that I give holiday gifts and candy to. But anyway.)

So, if you have a friend who is Jewish, or are Jewish yourself, please remember that Passover is not all about owning a box of matzoh – there’s a lot of fun treats to be had! And by bringing a gift basket full of them, you are showing yourself to be a really good friend.

My favorite Passover gift basket ever? The one from Fairway Market. It’s NY/NJ based, but you can buy it online, and includes hoards of Kosher for Passover goodies like The Seder Macaroon, Gourmet Mixed Fancy Dried Fruit, Confiture de cerises Cherry Preserve, Tumbador Chocolate Almond and Fig Bark , Dark Chocolate Coated Egg Matzoh, Gourmet Caramel Chasew Clusters, Large Roasted Pistachios, Dark Chocolate Coconut Bon-Bons, Swee-Touch-Nee Tea, Billybee Canadian Clover Honey, Dark Chocolate Raspberry Flavored Jelly Bars, Gourmet Chips, Holiday Peppermint Patties and Alprose Deluxe Milk Chocolate with Hazelnut Noisettes. Yum. I just gained five pounds writing that paragraph!


popflowersI have a lot of close friends who celebrate Easter – and I myself am a big fan of the candy and peeps.

This year, the perfect gift for them – which now resides on my kitchen table as well – is Pop Flower Shop‘s fun twist on floral décor.

They are guaranteed to be unwiltable…(perfect for those of us who kill showers by LOOKING at them), and are great centerpieces for Easter dinner. I’m also going to situate them around my new apartment because I’ll never have to worry about changing stinky water! Finally a plant I can handle.

Image: Pop Flower Shop, Fairway Markets