I’ll be the first to admit I love Harry Potter and everything about it. I’ll even admit that I will probably download that spells app on my iPhone within the next few days (since it’s free for the time being) after I quit contemplating how it will define my geekiness. But now that Warner Bros. has trademarked the term “quidditch” to the infinite degree, I’m not sure how I feel about the possibility of quidditch lingerie.

Seriously, they’ve trademarked quidditch lingerie. But what could it possibly look like? Quidditch uniforms consist of floor-length robes and a broom, preferably a Nimbus 2000. Under the robe, it’s a long-sleeved itchy-looking shirt with a horizontal stripe and some pretty uncomfortable looking pants with tall boots. This converted into lingerie form seems nearly impossible, unless they just make the lingerie in Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw colors and sell the broom as a  prop. But I’m thinking that Warner Bros. is on a power trip and included lingerie in their list of trademarked items … just because. And unfortunately, people will probably buy it if it is ever made.

Lingerie is meant to be sexy. Last time I checked, Harry Potter/wizard “gear” isn’t sexy. Sorry I’m not sorry, super nerds. Instead of quidditch lingerie maybe you should try investing in these:

  • Real robes.
  • Real lingerie.
  • A Swiffer.