If you, like me, have been wondering where your fucking invisibility cloak is in this Year of Our Lord 2012, wonder no more. Canadian camouflage company HyperStealth Biotechnology has partnered with military technology company ADS, Inc. to create a magical invisibility cape, or at least something that comes pretty damn close. According to Wired, the next level camo fabric will feature computer-generated fractals that mimic the colors of whatever you’re standing in front of:

HyperStealth CEO Guy Cramer says the Quantum Stealth design (above) builds on his company’s previous computer-generated digital patterns by using fractals that mimic the distribution of colour in natural surroundings. This makes the wearer practically invisible, says Cramer: “It provides that few extra seconds of concealment.”

Will this work via tiny computers embedded in the clothing, or what? Because that sounds expensive. But worth it, because being invisible is awesome. Here’s a mock-up photo of what it will look like:

I do think it’s kind of a shame that this stuff is being invented so as to better kill foreigners, especially considering the indefensible ditherings our country is currently engaged in abroad. But is an invisibility cloak with blood on its hands better than no invisibility cloak at all? The US Army is going to go where it doesn’t belong and kill people no matter what. At the very least, this new technology could help save some American soldiers’ lives. “Ferners” are S.O.L., though. Sorry guys!

(Via Wired)