Harry Styles as Miley Cyrus for Hallowen 2013

You know that feeling you got as a little kid when a teacher who normally seemed to hate you spontaneously offered you a piece of awesome candy? That is how I feel about Harry Styles‘ gift to the world this Halloween: his Halloween costume. His Miley Cyrus at the VMAS Halloween costume.

Styles skipped the skintight nude bustier but instead went for simply shiny spandex nude hotpants. Naturally, he grabbed a giant foam finger and gyrated against it, because that’s what all the kids are doing these days. The photos are on 1D hairstylist Lou Teasdale‘s Instagram page, who also snapped a shot of Styles’ hair nubbins:

Harry Styles as Miley Cyrus for Hallowen 2013

While Styles may be one of the most sought-after and crushed-upon pop stars at the moment (which I personally can’t really get down with because he’s a teenager and that feels weird), he definitely does prove one thing: no matter how good looking you are, you will look ridiculous with hair nubbins. Please, don’t nubbin and drive (or go out in public whatsoever, for that matter). But I respect his commitment to the absurdity of Halloween.

So, in summary, Harry Styles in the Under-25 group. We all know who won Halloween overall.

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Photos: Instagram