jlo hatThe “might” here is more a reflection of my own personal hat hesitancy than a hesitancy about any of y’all pulling off a hat. As we should all know by now, the only requirement to “pull off” a style is to a. want to and b. rock it with confidence. As you may have heard but almost definitely haven’t, today is National Hat Day. Seriously though. An accessory that was worn as a status symbol in the Middle Ages—and even today is used to denote rank in the military—hats (even those worn for style alone) can be a somewhat unapproachable fashion item.

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I have certain friends who regularly crush the hat game, and have long aspired to be one of them. Whether you are already one of the cool-girl hat gang (do y’all have a logo yet?) or a hat newbie like me, these picks will take your 2016 hat game to the next level.

1. Clemence Wool Beret (Nasty Gal, $38)

beret nastygalIf you’re just easing into the hat world, I think this is a surprisingly easy style to pull off. And even though it doesn’t cover up your ears, it’s wool so it’ll still keep your head warm in colder months.

2. Clemence Wool Beret in Grey (Nasty Gal, $38 SALE $27)

grey clemenceBecause the grey one’s on sale peeps! And I actually might like it even better than the black…

3. Cable Pom Beanie (ASOS, $17)

beanie asosUm hi this beanie is adorable and you will look adorable in it.

4. Skinny Band Felt Floppy Hat (ASOS, $34)

floppy hat asosEveryone has done the black floppy hat already, so why not try it in this gorgeous burgundy?

5. Plain Baseball Cap (ASOS, $17)

baseball capI always find myself attracted to the idea of a baseball cap that represents…nothing. Plus, who doesn’t look cute in a baseball cap? Easy peasy. And if the black is too plain for you…

6. Faux Fur Cap (& Other Stories, $60 SALE $30)

cheetah hatBecause why the hell not? I’m already imagining an all-black outfit topped off with this bad boy. Someone please do that and send me a pic.

7. Wool-Felt Fedora Hat (& Other Stories, $55)

camel hatI’m a huge sucker for camel-colored wool, and am convinced that it looks great on every single skin tone.

8. Wooly Colorblock Baseball Hat (Urban Outfitters, $29)

two tone hatWhen I think about the sheer volume of two-tone accessories I own, it is ridiculous that I don’t have a two-tone hat! If you’re not a baby blue gal, it also comes in a black and white tweed-y look and a soft pink-orange with a grey rim.

9. Brushed Fair Isle Slouch Beanie (Urban Outfitters, $24 SALE $12)

pattern beanieI had to include at least one pattern in here, and this was my winner. It looks super warm and the colors are perfect to top off any ensemble.