If you live in the NY area, you may have minutes ago caught Ysolt Usigan, one of my closest friends and the senior producer of beauty/style at iVillage, chatting on the morning show about the huge role of hats in culture – and today, in the Derby.

ladydianekentuckyderbyhatDo you not know what to look for in your own derby hat?

Fashion Frenzy

Stylish derby hats have ornate decorations such as large bows, roses, and other bigger-than-life fashion choices. The idea is to make your own be the one stick out among a sea of heads.

Remember, though, women who wear hats are much like the cocktail gloves I chatted about last week – they are meant to appear classy, so choose big and bold and unique, but avoid tacky.

One of my favorites I’ve seen while surfing the ‘net is the Fantasy hat by Lady Diane, shown above. The black is classic, but the pink and dots is feminine frill. (Plus, it matches my decor!).

Image: Lady Diane Hats