You know why they make mannequins headless? It’s supposed to be so you can imagine yourself in the clothing. I mean, that operates under the assumption that you have a body shaped like a mannequin. That is an assumption that is correct maybe a tiny, tiny portion of the time, but that’s the logic to all those faceless mannequins you see. You are supposed to be able to look at mannequins and envision yourself in any given dress.

There is apparently a portion of the population that does not want to imagine themselves in any given dress.

They want to imagine a young Justin Bieber.


justin bieber

Jesus Christ, no wonder this kid is going around trying to show off his muscles. Remember when Olivia Wilde told him he needed to put a shirt on (unless he lost all his shirts in a fire) on Twitter?  And then all his fans freaked out, which I suppose they may or may not do in this instance. Justin Bieber’s fans seem like a very passionate group.

So as to seem like I am not mocking him myself, I feel it is worth noting that he would look excellent in purple.

Picture via Buzzfeed, Wikipedia