First of all, a quick note about that headline: by “serious,” we obviously don’t mean solemn or thoughtful in character, nor do we mean having dangerous possible consequences. Celebrities getting makeovers certainly has no substantive impact on society and we will probably forget it happened in two or three hours. Four, max.

This is, however, a fashion and beauty site–and when we say “serious makeover,” we mean not trifling.

Hence, Nashville actress Hayden Panettiere stopped by The Late Show with David Lettermen last night in Manhattan and revealed a dramatic new look. Perhaps a better headline would be: Hayden Panettiere doesn’t fuck around:

Hayden Panettiere in multi-colored dress at Late Show With David Letterman Show in NYCLet’s just take inventory here:

-First of all, there’s the bright new dye job and the rather striking bangs, which have been softly layered to frame her face. Seeing it straight like this is pretty jarring, when one is used to her Nashville character’s giant Taylor Swift pageant curls.

-Second of all, there’s that Alexander McQueen dress, with its dazzling stained glass print. While we have no idea how she sits down in it, she’s pulling it off.

-Last of all, there’s a very bad decision: pointy toed red ankle boots. A simple black pump might have made this look more sophisticated, but the boots have it verging on costume territory.

All in all, we think it’s a stunning print, weighed down by a bad styling decision.

Here’s the back:


(via Wenn)