Prestige Hong Kong published a nice, long interview with designer-cum-photographer Hedi Slimane this month, and it contains many interesting tidbits. In it, he discusses his time at Dior Homme, during which he invented a little thing called “skinny jeans” (perhaps you’ve heard of them?); his transitions between various types of visual mediums (“I believe we are all doing the same thing”); and his previously stated desire to stay away from the world of fast (read: affordable) fashion.

A lot of people are excited that Slimane said he’s planning to return to to fashion design (“of course I am” was the exact phrase he used) but I’m even more stoked about what he said when asked about print vs. online publications. (Call it a vested self-interest.) I thought Slimane might be a bit of a Luddite, what with his self-described “old school” definition of fashion and commitment to staying within the luxury world (a world of “attention, intimacy, and discretion in excellence”), but as it turns out, I was wrong.

Via Prestige:

Do you think websites will eventually replace print magazines?

They already do, I believe, but magazines have to understand that they become the real place for some sort of creative quality, in photography, graphic design and content. Glossy magazines need to become glossier, rarer, more exclusive and create that real sense of exception to exist next to the immediacy and globalisation of the fashion www.

This sounds like a decent proposition to me, in so far as I am able to wrap my feeble blogger brain around any idea more complex than “cute boys with cats.” But with sales already falling, I’m not sure magazines will be able to survive if they only sold to a few wealthy subscribers. What say you, readers? Does this reflect your current reality?


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