Heidi Klum always has amazing Halloween costumes, and this year’s is no exception. Even something as simple as a cat costume transforms into an amazing, high tech work of art when Heidi lets her crack team loose on it, so it stands to reason that her Cleopatra costume would be the coolest fucking Cleopatra costume you’ve ever seen.

This first look comes courtesy of AOL, which just posted a behind-the-scenes video of the various steps Heidi must go through before her wearable awesomeness is complete. From meeting with designer Martin Izquierdo, to taking an imprint of her face, to deciding how much cleavage is the right amount of cleavage, Heidi does everything in her power to make sure she sweeps every costume contest in the country. “If you think a lot, I want a lot more,” she says, driving her point home.

I especially appreciate her addition of wings to Cleopatra, because why shouldn’t Cleopatra have wings? It’s also a testament to the fact that a costume can be both sexy and creative, although it’s not like a supermodel has to try that hard to be sexy.

(Via Styleite)

Video: AOL