*Image Used W/ Permission / Newscom

Prison Break star, Wentworth Miller was in Germany last weekend to get some kind of award from Bravo Supershow. Woohoo for him but I only care about how casually stylish he looked :). Interestingly enough, our resident SKB commenter Mikel was asking about the short length ties that Patrick Dempsey and Ashton Kutcher has been sporting lately.  I was about to address the matter until I saw Wentworth Miller sporting a regular length tie with his button-shirt.

I think it’s a matter of preference these days. Kinda like the skinny over wide neckties issue. While George Clooney prefers his wide necktie, David Beckham and Justin Timberlake have no problems rocking their skinny ties. Whatever you’re feeling to wear in a given day I guess.


*Image Used W/ Permission / Newscom

Anyhooo, back to Wenty, he looks good doesn’t he? :)