As far as secrets go, I personally am a locked vault. I’m not a secret-spiller. I like to gossip, but I know where to draw the line.

In short, I am an awesome friend and colleague.

But not everyone is as super cool as me. Some people like to spill what they shouldn’t spill, and some people like to spill even more if there’s cash money involved, like, say, if they were able to sell the name of the person who was designing the bridal gown for the biggest wedding of the decade.

And yet, Sarah Burton managed to not have that happen at all while she was keeping secret the fact that she was designing Kate Middleton’s wedding gown. How did she do it?

Well, boringly enough, she didn’t employ whips, chains, or threat of monetary ruin. Instead, it sounds like she just has good people working for her. According to The Telegraph, the only people who knew she was The Designer were her core team. The juiciest tidbit is that Burton had to tell people she’d be at meetings…when she knew full well that she wouldn’t be.

“…I remember other people asking me, ‘Are you coming in on Friday?’ And I’d say, ‘Oh, yeah, see you in the morning’. I’d be scheduling meetings knowing full well I wasn’t going to be there for them,”


Anyway, Burton ultimately credits her success on the dress (and keeping the ZOMFG secret) to the late, great Alexander McQueen:

Her success feels like a “gift” from McQueen, she said, adding: “Out of such terrible, tragic times and from under this dark cloud came that dress.”