As we mentioned a few days ago, clothing company Cicciabella held a fashion show last night to debut their new 2012 Cowgirl Riders, a line of western-style boots for kids. Hosted by Kelly Bensimon of “Real Housewives of New York” and 6-year-old Eden Wood of “Toddlers and Tiaras,” the show featured little girls modeling the company’s wares in front of a honky-tonk themed set.

According to a write-up over at HuffPo by reporter Amy Lee and a video of part of Wood’s dance taken by Sharyn Jackson of the Village Voice, the show ran a pretty predictable course. Wood, a now-retired star of the child beauty pageant circuit, did some dance numbers that included stripping her jacket off to reveal a tube top, smacking herself on the butt (I’m sorry, I can’t call a six-year-old’s behind an “ass”), and wagging her finger in front of her mouth. Children paraded down the runway, and it sounds as though most of them were totally bewildered:

…while some of the girls have their dance routines down, others seem less than willing to sashay. One girl stares intently at the lasso she’s twirling as she walks the runway. Another pair bounce up and down, to no particular rhythm. And one little model stands in place doing a yoga prayer motion repeatedly, getting Bensimon on stage to ask, “Can I see you move?” She doesn’t.

And all the while, Kelly Bensimon was apparently completely and utterly at a loss for anything coherent or poignant to say, instead resorting to comments like: “All these girls are so gorgeous,”  “I’m feeling really old,” and “Is it weird that I want that tutu?”.

That all sounds about right.

Here’s the video:

[youtube_iframe id=”EmqmLP_VKkI”]