Hermes $13,000 basketball

To celebrate the reopening of the Beverly Hills boutique, Hermès has crafted exactly two blue basketballs for the hilarious price of $12,900. “It represents the sky, the ocean and all the beautiful pools that are a way of life in L.A. and Southern California,” the brand’s U.S. CEO Robert Chavez told the Hollywood Reporter, who also explains away the outrageous price by pointing to the “exceptional quality* of the leather as well as the artisanal craftsmanship account.”

Chavez also insists it “can be used for play”–and thank fucking god for that. Who’d want a branded blue basketball museum piece?

…Well, the sort of person who’d want a Chanel surfboard, probably, or a Louis Vuitton soccer ball or an Alexander Wang jump rope. Which all exist, obviously–and there’s more in the gallery ahead.


*Quick sidebar: there is no leather in the world that justifies this price. This is bullshit.