hermes-mini-golfIf you’re looking to spend a few hours putting in the fanciest way possible, you could take a stroll on the green, sorry orange, at the Hermès games pop-up shop at Columbus Circle in New York, where the snooty French ultra-luxury company has rolled out—we shit you not—a fancy orange mini golf course. It turns out we are not too cool for mini golf when the terrain is made of jewelry.

In addition to the orange “grass,” the course uses Hermès scarves for flags, and you attempt to putt your golf ball through giant replicas of Hermès’ famous enamel bracelets.

At another game station you can also play “horseshoes,” but instead of any dingy old equine footwear you’ll be throwing a few more of those outsized enamel bracelets. We wonder what those would be worth on the open market. They might make decent calf bracelets. (Are calf bracelets a thing? They seem like they would be a thing.)

If you’ve ever wanted to jump up and down on an Hermès scarf in a fit of pique (we can’t be the only ones, right?) there’s also a hopscotch game set up, where people will jump up and down on scarves encased in plexiglass.

Of course, there’s no reason for anything to happen if you can’t preserve it for posterity, so Hermès kindly arranged an Instagrammable photo set up for you. According to Racked:

For documentation purposes, a larger-than-life Les Jeux d’Hermès scarf motif acts as a backdrop for an old-fashioned photo booth, where guests get to wear the brand’s scarves expertly tied by a staff-member, as well as various props such as boxing gloves.

There’s also a “diner” on the first floor, but it serves only scarves. The mini golf, photo booth, and hopscotch board will be up until September 12, but if you want to give Hermès your money, the scarf diner will be around until October 31.

Via Racked NY/Photo: Facebook/Racked