Or someone, anyway?

According to Page Six Magazine (print):

“Zac was always ridiculous,” says a stylist who has worked on Posen’s runway shows.  “But then he became a parody of himself. People around him have a head for business and try to rein him in, but he’s never had to work from the bottom up, and he’s too used to everyone flapping around him to notice that his name doesn’t mean what it used to.”

A magazine editor says: “Zac Posen is like a Zoolander character. I’ve never seen a side to him that’s not ‘Zac Posen the Major Fashion Designer.’ Some designers have real friends at magazines who champion them, but I’m not sure that’s the case with Zac these days.”

When John Galliano was ousted from Dior last spring for anti-Semitic comments, people who knew Posen joked that he was “up all night, waiting for the call to take the job,” a fashion insider says. “He truly believes he’s in the same league as Tom Ford or Alexander McQueen, that hundreds of thousands of people would line up for him.”

Now, I admit that Zac does some crazy things sometimes, by which I mean “making Paz de la Huerta his muse” and once, insanely, refusing to stand next to The Count from Sesame Street, but in general I believe he IS a pretty brilliant designer. If he’s not in quite the same league as Tom Ford, well, he only became really popular in 2001 and he still has time to grow. And I think maybe he, weirdly, sent us a cake, once? No? No, I’m hearing that was Isaac Mizrahi. Well, never mind, loyalty over. Do you think the criticisms are fair?